TabogaPalace Spa Hotel is located less than one minute walk from the pier. Come into our lounge and reception area to meet our staff, then relax there later to enjoy the luscious cocktails you love including fresh, ice cold piña coladas and margaritas. Enjoy the sweet aroma of a freshly brewed cappuccino or espresso, homemade mouthwatering ice creams and gelatos made from fresh ingredients.


Getting There:

Taxi services can be arranged to bring you from the city to one of the ferry terminals that will transport you to our little Paradise Island, where the waters are safe to swim and enjoy.

Taboga Ferry Services:

At this time there are two ferry services that run to our Island:

The Taboga Express Fast Ferry takes just 30 minutes and departs from the Flamenco Island   www.tabogaexpress.com

leaving from Flamenco Island

around 30 minutes travel time

The Barco Calypso departs from La Playita on the Amador Causeway. www.taboga.panamanow.com/ferry/boats.html

leaving from Amador Causeway

around 45 minutes travel time



Taboga Palace Spa Hotel

Calle Francisco Pizarro

San Pedro

Taboga Island

Panama 081101